Denise Wild’s Sewing Studio


Denise Wild’s Sewing Studio is a specialty program like you’ve never seen before — a dynamic, engaging sewing workshop that breaks the creative mold, inspiring and uplifting kids across the Greater Toronto Area, all while teaching a valuable life skill and bringing back a lost art.

Here’s how it works:

  • We come to your school with 15 to 30 sewing machines and our all-star team, and we set up a creative maker space in your library, gym, or available classroom.
  • Kids (starting as young as kindergarten!) learn how to sew using a sewing machine, and each student completes a fun, personalize project.
  • Our team of stereotype-busting mentors guides each student through success, working on a 1-to-5 ratio, providing an incredible, hands-on experience.

Students gain confidence, develop their growth mindset, and complete their very own customized project from start to finish, all while being motivated and inspired!

Not only is sewing a practical life skill, it gets kids hands-on and helps them flex their creative muscles. Added bonus: Sewing also helps kids feel joyful, mindful, and focused!


To bring our program to your school, email or call (888) 448-7706.

To contact Roland Acheampong, email


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  • “My son absolutely loved learning to sew. We pulled out my sewing machine and now he’s excited to teach me what he learned.”
  • My son had sooo much fun and is wearing his bowtie everywhere!”
  • “My daughter was so excited and wants this every week!!!!!! Please come back again soon — so good for kids!”
  • “My boys absolutely LOVED it, and we just think it is a brilliant program. Everyone that I have talked to at the school is talking about how much fun their kids had — it’s amazing how engaged the boys are. My boys are now asking for a sewing machine! A truly fabulous program with very inspiring staff.”


  • “This has been the best experience of my life — and I’ve been to LA.”
  • “This is better than Fortnite!”
  • “I never knew I could use a sewing machine, but now I’m a boss at it!”


  • “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I am absolutely blown away.Superintendent, DPCDSB
  • “What a great program! Our staff and students have all said positive things, and there is already a wait list to use the sewing machine that was donated.Vice Principal, DDSB
  • “It was an outstanding experience for all of our students — especially the boys!” Principal, DDSB
  • We are so pleased with the positive response! Your contribution to our success is much appreciated. Many of our students have been wearing their projects very proudly at school, and the donated sewing machine will be put to good use in our maker space. We look forward to working with you again next year!” Principal, YRDSB
  • “Our students and teachers are still talking about what a great time they had and how they want to do it again.” Librarian, YRDSB
  • “The school was a-buzz with feedback and enjoyment from our students, parent community, and staff. The experience that you provided to our community is a huge motivator, and you’ve made each of our loved students leave the school feeling successful and with a sense of pride. We strive to do this every day as we love our students and families and want what’s best for them. You always manage to provide this. This experience will serve as prior knowledge for them in future assignments and similar to last year, I know they will continue reminiscing about it.Principal, TCDSB