Is It Time To Hire A Publicist?

The Globe And Mail

This article came out at a very critical time in the growth of my companies. Things were continuing to flourish and expand, but, like all other entrepreneurs, my available time was continuing to dwindle. Although my team and I were working on adding more products and services for our customers, because I was the main person responsible for marketing and promotions, I was stuck. How could I get the word out about the new areas of my business when I barely had time to do all that was already on my plate?

The Globe And Mail, Canada’s business newspaper, did a feature on my predicament for The Challenge, a weekly column in their Report on Business section. The Challenge aims to guide and inspire other entrepreneurs by seeking expert advice to help a fellow business owner. My question to them: “Is it time to hire a publicist?”

The Globe printed some great advice from three experts with different perspectives: Saskia Brussaard of Crave PR, Jen DeTracey of Lift Strategies, and Sammie Kennedy of Booty Camp Fitness

Read the article in the image above, or click here to read it on The Globe’s website.

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