How To DIY Graphic Lines On Your Clothes (Video)

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Looking to add interest to a pair of jeans you’re tired of wearing? I showed crafting newbie Raina Seitel of New York Live how to upcycle a pair of jeans with paint, a brush, and some masking tape. This is a quick, easy project, and right on-trend with what was seen on the runway at Issey Miyake and No. 21.

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A little DYI project this weekend. Raina has some fun and easy ideas the whole family can enjoy.


Host, Raina Seitel:
Holiday gift-giving can sometimes be intimidating and certainly can be a drain on the wallet, but it doesn’t have to be. Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage. I’m here with Denise Wild of The Sewing Studio here in New York. You are also the founder of and the content director of BurdaStyle.

Denise Wild:
The Craft & Hobby Association points out that the craft and hobby industry is nearly worth thirty billion dollars.


And nearly sixty percent of US homes participate in the crafting activity. I’m going to show you one of the runway DYI projects that we’ve got in the premiere issue of BurdaStyle magazine: graphic lines on your clothes.

The most novices of crafters, like myself, can do this?


So here’s the tape.

Just place them around your fabric. We’re going to do kind of a starburst pattern down this leg. I’ve done a crisscross on the other leg. Now we’re just painting in between the masking tape lines.

We have a ton of other great projects in the premiere issue of BurdaStyle, or people can visit or to see more crafting ideas too.

Terrific. Denise Wild, thank you so much.


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