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I love Christmas! Singing, eating, shopping, gift-giving, spending time with family. Can it please be Christmas every day?!

I also love Christmas making, whether it’s decorations, hostess gifts, or even stockings. I recently wrote an article for Forever Young magazine about something I’ve been playing around with recently: memory stockings.

Click on the image above to see the article, or read it below and learn how to make memory stockings for the holidays…


Christmas stockings can often be overlooked when it comes to holiday decorating. But instead of leaving them to the last minute or reusing store-bought versions from years gone by, why not DIY some new, personalized Christmas stockings replete with memories and favourite things, and turn them into the focal point of your holiday gathering place?

Memory stockings are an easy DIY project that anyone can do. You’ll cover a me-made stocking with fabrics, trims, badges, and accessories that represent your past, your interests, and your accomplishments.

Sew on a swatch of fabric from your wedding dress to represent that special day. Add goggles and technical running textiles if you’re interested in triathlons. If your child loves animals and trucks, create a fabric road that he can Velcro characters onto (and switch up when his interests change). And if you’re making a memory stocking for a baby, keep it simple so you can add memories throughout her life as she grows.

To create your own memory stocking, start by building a collection of accessories. Check your junk drawers and that box of memories you keep meaning to turn into a book. Pull out old textiles you can’t bring yourself to toss like your first concert or race T-shirt or your daughter’s first receiving blanket. And hit up the fabric store and your local dollar store. Once you have all of the accessories for your memory stocking, it’s time to make it. Here’s how:

  • Trace the outline of an existing stocking onto craft paper, adding 5/8” around all sides, which will act as the seam allowance when you’re sewing the stocking together.
  • Cut two pieces of quilted (red) fabric using the stocking pattern you’ve just made.
  • Cut two rectangles of band (white) fabric the same width as your stocking pattern, but only 6” high.
  • Adorn one piece of quilted fabric with trims, accessories, fabrics, and trinkets. Get creative when attaching things: sew, glue, or safety-pin things on, depending on each element. Remember that you’ll lose 5/8” of fabric around the perimeter of the stocking when you sew it together, so take caution when attaching accessories and avoid the edges.
  • Sew the two pieces of quilted fabric together, right sides together, leaving the top edge open. Flip the stocking right-side-out. Sewing tip: Use a walking foot when you sew the stockings, which will help the quilted fabric feed through the sewing machine evenly. (The Brother NQ900 sewing machine comes with a walking foot, something you usually need to buy separately.)
  • Sew the two rectangular band pieces together at both short ends, right sides together.
  • Finish one circular edge of the band by turning under the raw edge and topstitching.
  • Turn the band inside-out and tuck it into the top of the stocking, matching the top circular raw edges. The right side of the band will be touching the wrong side of your stocking.
  • Sew the band to the top of the stocking, then turn the band right-side-out over the top of the stocking.
  • Sew a loop of fabric into the top of your stocking for hanging.

Looking for a shortcut? Brother’s Q Series sewing machines have a unique sideways sewing function that makes sewing patches easier because you don’t have to pivot and turn the fabric as you sew — simply set your machine to sew backward, forward, left, or right, depending on the direction you need to go.

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