The Sewing Studio Opens In New York City (Video)

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What a great treat it was when NBC News came by our newly opened New York City location of The Sewing Studio. We talked about the movement toward younger people learning to sew, plus why people love sewing so much! NBC News‘ Lily Jamali spoke with our students to get their perspective on learning to sew.

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Host, Lily Jamali:
Welcome to Sewing 101, where aspiring seamstresses come to learn this age-old craft.

Denise Wild:
What we want to do first is press these ends flat and then open.

Sewing for yourself generally used to mean putting function over fashion.

I’m going to run off the fabric.

But most of these women are driven by the desire to make something original. Make anything, for that matter.

What I’ve made is this.

Student, Jessica Whitney:
Many of the things that we do in our everyday lives are intangible; it’s fun to have something that you can point to and say, “I created that. That’s what I did today.”

People have been signing up by the hundreds since this studio opened in September, but what’s different now is who’s doing the sewing, unlike generations past.

The students who are coming to us are urban professional women. They’re usually between twenty-five and thirty-five.

Women whose work lives share a common thread.

Student, Jennifer Van Thiel:
So, I’m not the phone and on the computer all day long.

Attorney Jennifer Van Thiel had a sewing machine in her house growing up, but at the time she couldn’t have cared less.

Something happened in the last couple years where I wanted to learn something I could do. It wasn’t on the computer. It wasn’t something that you’re just reading or writing. It’s something that you do with your hands.

Instructor, Jonathan Fast:
I think people just really have an innate urge to want to create. So, I think that’s what people are finally starting to let happen.

And as their skirts began to take form.

That looks great.

The possibilities start to seem endless.

Maybe I can do a little pillow. Or maybe I can do a little mat for my table.

Baby steps, but perhaps the beginning of a new style of life.


For NBC News mobile, I’m Lily Jamali, in New York.


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