What To Look For When Buying A Sewing Machine (Video)


Buying a sewing machine is often intimidating. There are so many factors that can make it overwhelming, but I’ve got some tips for choosing a sewing machine.

So how much should you spend on a sewing machine? What kind of features do you need?

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Jennifer Valentyne:

So you’ve decided to start sewing, but you don’t know what machine to buy. Well, Denise Wild can help you make that choice.


Whether you’re a seasoned sewer or a novice, buying a sewing machine can be a very daunting task, because there are so many options out there. But there are a few things you can keep in mind to make that process a bit easier for you.

The first, you want to consider your budget. You’ll want to spend the most you can afford, and you’ll expect to spend between $250 to $500 on a basic entry-level sewing machine.

If your end goal is doing small projects and some alterations at home, a basic sewing machine is really all you need. This one has straight stitch and zig-zag, which are the only two stitches you’re going to need. And it’s still got your length control and your width control on the zig-zag.

If you’re looking to do more projects such as garments maybe some home décor, you want to look for some more stitch varieties. This machine also has an automatic buttonhole, which is a really handy feature, and it has an automatic needle up / needle down. And an automatic needle threader, which is a great tool if your eyes are a little bit sore.

Then you’ve got a computerized machine. If you’re looking to do a lot of things, maybe a bunch of fancy decorative details, you can look for a computerized machine, which will have close to a hundred stitches. This one also has different patterns for the buttonholes, and it’s got an automatic start and stop button that allows you to sew without even using your presser foot. It’s also got a lockstitch, which, instead of doing a backstitch, the lockstitch puts three stitches in one spot to secure your thread ends.

A lot of people ask me about sewing denim, about sewing leather. And they want to know which machine is best for doing that. Actually, any of these machines will be great for sewing any type of fabric; thick corduroy, fleece, all the way to chiffon, even leather. You want to change your needle and change your presser foot depending on the fabric you’re sewing; and, really, any domestic sewing machine can sew any fabric for you.

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