How My Love Of Sewing Turned Into A Career

ANOKHI magazine

I didn’t plan on running an international business —I had multiple sewing school locations in Toronto...

5 Business Tips For Success

Love, Emoem

I shared 5 business tips with two of my former magazine editor colleagues, Juliette Baxter...

Sew Daily Denise Wild
4 Of My Favourite Sewing Things

Sew Daily

I’ll admit it. I’ve got lots of favourites. And sometimes I have more than one favourite....

Building A Business On Sewing


How’s your Japanese? Aside from ordering my favourite items at a sushi restaurant, “dozo” is...

Felicia's World Mend And Make Fabulous
Mending From A Quilter’s Perspective

Felicia's World

I am so honoured whenever someone asks me for an interview — especially when it’s a...

Turn Your Passion Into A Business (Video)

The Canadian Press

When The Canadian Press approached me about doing a piece for their “get my job” video...

Home Sewing Trends (Video)

Anokhi TV

I used to be the Beauty Editor at Anokhi magazine, which is the largest South...