What To Look For When Choosing Sewing Shears (Video)

I just counted, and I have 14 pairs of cutting utensils in my sewing room! Yowza! Snips, embroidery scissors, rotary cutters, paper scissors, dressmaking shears, and even a couple vintage pairs of fabric scissors that belonged to my grandma. I love having a variety of cutting tools because, because like marking utensils, I will usually switch things up based on the type of fabric I’m working with and based on what I’m doing.

But let’s talk about proper sewing scissors, commonly called sewing shears. Sewing shears can range in price from $10 to $100+++. So what should you be looking for?

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Hey everyone,

Let’s talk about dressmaking shears. What are they? They’re scissors made specifically for cutting multiple layers of fabric. Now these Kai Dressmaking Shears are eight and a half inches long. Usually you’ll find a dressmaking shear between eight and nine inches.

And you want to look for a handle that’s nice and comfortable that gives you a good grip. Also look for a handle that is flat all the way along the bottom, because that will allow the scissors to sit flat as you cut; you don’t have to worry about the scissors coming off the table as you’re cutting your fabric.

So test them out. Try a bunch of different pairs. Look for ones that feel comfortable. These ones have a nice soft handle, which I think is great.

And you might want to have a few pairs of scissors in your sewing room at all times. I find different scissors work better on different fabrics, so I’ll usually pick a pair of scissors depending on what type of fabric I’m working with. I’ll pull it out first and test it on one pair, and then pull out another pair to see if it’s more comfortable.

So make sure you get your hands on a pair of dressmaking shears and do not cut them for anything other than fabric. To make sure, I would write “fabric” on them, lock people out of your sewing room, whatever you need to do; just don’t let anyone cut paper or plastic or anything with them. Some sewers are very particular and won’t even cut tissue patterns with their fabric scissors. I’m not that picky, but I definitely will not cut anything other than fabric and pattern tissue with my fabric scissors.

So enjoy and give them a try. Tell me which fabric shears are your favourite. I’d love to hear.

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