Velvet Fabric Care (Video)

Velvet is such a beautiful fabric. But if you’ve ever owned anything made from velvet, you know what a fragile textile it is. Here are tips for how to properly wash and care for velvet fabric.

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If you’re sewing something out of velvet or you have an existing garment that’s made of velvet, to care for the fabric, you want to first check to see if it needs to be dry-cleaned.

If not, you can hand-wash it. Just make sure you use minimal agitation, because you don’t want to crush the velvet and ruin it.

The next thing you want to do is lay it flat to dry or hang it to dry. Again, you don’t want to crush that precious velvet.

Another option is to steam it. You want to brush the velvet in one direction using either a fabric brush or a soft cloth. Then steam it, then brush it again that same direction.

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