How To Sew A Sharper, Pointier Corner (Video)

It was the manager of Vancouver‘s ultimate fabric store, Fabricana, who showed me this sewing technique. And my life has never been the same! LOL! Seriously. It’s the best.

How do you sew a sharp corner? It’s not what you’d guess. And if you think your corners are already pretty good, this simple sewing technique will make them EVEN better, ensuring you finish with the sharpest, pointiest point ever!

Watch here…



Hey everyone,

When you’re sewing a corner, whether it’s on a garment or for home décor, how do you make sure that point is perfect?

Well, I’ve got a trick for you. As you’re sewing down one side, approaching the pivot point, instead of going right to that point, I want you to angle that last stitch, then pivot and continue down the other side.

When you’re finished sewing, don’t forget to cut off that extra fabric at the point to prevent your corner from being extra bulky. Once you turn that fabric right-side out, that angled stitch that you took is going to allow your corner to be perfectly sharp.

This will change the way you sew your corners. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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