Tools And Tips For Securing Your Pattern Pieces To Fabric (Video)

When you’re sewing, having the right tools is always important. But even before you sew, tools play an important role in prepping your fabric and your project. When I’m securing pattern pieces to my fabric (or when I’m securing fabric to fabric for sewing), I use specific tools, and I’ve got some tips for making the most of them.

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Attaching your pattern pieces to your fabric or attaching one piece of fabric to the next requires thought, and care, and the right tools – whether pins, clips, or weights.

The most common tool is pins, and you want to use the highest quality pin suited to your garment. Put your pins about a palm’s width apart and keep them closer together if you’re working on a curve or if you’re working with slippery fabric.

You’ll find dressmaking pins, pins with a ball-point head, and longer pins with designs for quilting.

You can keep your pins in a tomato pin cushion or a magnetic pin cushion – which is great for clean-up – or my favorite the wrist pin cushion – because your pins go with you wherever you go.

Clips are handy for very thick fabrics that aren’t appropriate for pins, for fabrics when you don’t want to leave a puncture mark, or when you have multiple layers to secure.

You’ll also see fabric weights. These are useful if you don’t need to be as finicky. Maybe your fabric isn’t very slippery or maybe you’re cutting out a very large piece of fabric; these will allow you to quickly hold the tissue pieces in place while you cut.

To make the process of pinning easier, make sure you press your fabric first. You can also press your tissue pieces. Just set the iron to a low setting and use no steam; this will keep everything nice and flat, and you’ll get an accurate pin.

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