Tips For Naming A Creative Business

Tips For Naming A Creative Business

One of the topics I speak about often is building a business. I love encouraging others to follow their passion, and I love giving people tools, tips, and advice for growing a business at any stage. In my online course called “How To Grow A Successful Creative Business“, a student recently asked…

Do you have any suggestions or caveats regarding naming a creative business?

I do! Naming a business is a HUGE deal, so first, you have to take your time. In my opinion, there are a few things you want to avoid:

– Something people can’t pronounce or spell
– Something confusing
– Something overly long (it’s more memorable and easier to use on social media if it’s short-ish)
– Something really common
– The name (or partial name) of a large corporation
– Something that sounds even slightly similar or related to your competition

Look around you at other business names across different industries to see if there’s something that you’re drawn to. Do you like it when the business has initials or a person’s name? Do you like it when the business name is a play on words? Are you drawn to business names that rhyme?

To brainstorm, start writing down words you like plus words that describe your product. Once you find a word, combination, or phrase you like, ask friends and family for their input. And do some Google searching, too. You’ll want a heads up if there’s already a company out there using the name you like.

Finally, make sure you see what URLs are available. Your business name and URL go hand-in-hand, so play around with both at the same time.

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