A Thread-Trimming Trick (Video)

I always tell new sewers who are driving themselves crazy with detail and trying to make everything painstakingly accurate that they’re in luck — a meticulous (even picky) personality will make you a great seamstress! “But don’t drive yourself crazy,” I add. “It’s just fabric and thread, and it will naturally move and adjust.” But, having a sewing trick for thread here and there never hurts!

When you’re sewing, you don’t have to be perfect. But if you WANT things to be perfect (can I get a ‘wha-wha’ from my fellow perfectionists?!), here’s a sewing trick for thread that I use when trimming to prevent any excess from showing on the right side. This is great for machine-sewn hems and topstitching detail.

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Watch here to learn this sewing trick for thread…


Hey everyone,

So, I just finished filming a segment on The Marilyn Denis Show.

And I was showing a really simple sewing technique as part of a DYI; and it made me think about a trick that I use to hide my thread ends and make sure that not even a little tiny bit of thread is poking out.

I’m going to insert a clip in so that you can see me do it, but basically what I do – instead of just trimming my thread ends like normal, I trim the thread ends on the right side of the fabric first.

That way when I pull over to the wrong side of the fabric, I kind of give the thread a little bit of a tug before I trim the wrong side, and then what happens is that right-side thread pulls over to the wrong side.

So even though it’s just a miniscule little amount of thread, I’m really, really particular and I don’t want anything showing at all.

So, that little trick helps prevent any sort of thread whatsoever from showing on the right side.

I just wanted to share that with you and I hope you have a great day.

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