The Sewing Party (Video)

Sewing machine company SVP (Singer/Viking/Pfaff) put together a super-cool event called The Sewing Party. It was an online marketplace of sewing courses, tutorials, chatrooms, and experts, and they asked me to put together a short video to highlight the digital experience, and get people excited to take part.

Not only does this video act as a promo for The Sewing Party’s online sewing experience, it details a fun, easy sewing project: how to add laser-cut detail to an existing tank top.

Watch here…


I’m Denise Wild and I’d like to invite you to a brand new sewing experience. On November 8th, join me and thousands of other crafting and sewing enthusiasts for a fun-filled day of sewing, crafting, and interactive learning.

The Sewing Party is the first online sewing event and marketplace, featuring over thirty inspirational, educational, and fun classes on a variety of sewing and crafting topics – all taught by leading bloggers and educational experts, including yours truly.

As a taste of what’s to come at The Sewing Party, let me show you one of my favourite DYI projects of the season. Laser cuts are all over the runway and I’m going to walk you through how to add laser cut detail to an existing garment without the fuss of a specialty machine.

You’ll need a piece of pleather, an X-Acto knife, scissors, fabric scissors, and a ruler, a marking pencil or chalk, a Teflon foot or walking foot, and your existing garment.

After cutting the pleather to the desired shape, you want start drawing on your pattern directly on the pleather. Now, use your marking pencil – and you can try doing it free-hand or use a template if you feel more comfortable doing that – and try drawing on the wrong side of your fabric if you have difficulties drawing on the right side. Also make sure your pattern doesn’t go too close to the seam allowances where you’ll be sewing the pleather to your existing garment. If you make any mistakes, it’s easy to take out. Just rub two wrong pieces of the pleather together and it’ll erase the marks that you’ve already done.

Once you’ve done all of your markings, cut them out using your X-Acto knife and ruler or a pair of scissors.

Next, you want to position your laser cut piece where you want it on your existing garment.

Now, I’m swapping this end for the back of this tank top, so I’m going to draw a line where I’ll cut the tank. I’ve already gone ahead and measured it. Same thing with the top straps.

Now, I’m ready to cut my tank top using my fabric scissors. I’m just going to cut along the line that I’ve already marked across the back and up on both straps.

The pleather will fit in overtop like this, and I’m going to pin it in place across the centre back and also at both straps. Then all we have to do is edge-stitch it in place. Make sure to switch out your regular presser foot for either a Teflon foot or a walking foot to help the pleather move easily through the machine.

And there you go. A high-end fashion detail easily done at home with the right tools and know how.

At The Sewing Party, you’ll see even more inspirational projects and how-tos, plus technical classes to strengthen your skills and your knowledge base. And while you’re there, be sure to visit me at the BurdaStyle booth and take part in my class, “10 Patternmaking Skills Every Sewer Needs To Know.”

So, mark your calendar for November 8th, and to learn more, visit

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