Teflon Presser Foot (Video)

Do you have a Teflon foot for your sewing machine? If not, get one! A Teflon presser foot makes it so easy to sew vinyl, pleather, and leather because the smoothness of the presser foot lets the fabric slide right through your sewing machine. Best part? The foot is inexpensive and easy to use!





Hey everyone,

So, if you’re sewing a fabric that’s really sticky, like leather or vinyl, and it just won’t go through your machine properly, you’ll want to pick up a Teflon foot.

Now this Teflon foot has a super smooth bottom that allows your fabric to just slide right through as you’re sewing.

If you don’t have a Teflon foot and you’re in a jam, you can DYI one by putting some matte Scotch tape along the bottom of your regular presser foot.

Just be careful, because then you’ll have a sticky presser foot afterwards; you’ll want to use some Goo Gone or some Windex on it.

So give this a try. Try out a Teflon foot or try a DYI version and let me know what you think.

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