Yup, This Sewing Machine Sews Sideways (Video)

When I first heard about sideways sewing, I didn’t really understand. Because, for real, a sewing machine can’t sew SIDEWAYS. Can it? Well, brace yourselves…

It can!

Brother Q Series sewing machines have a super cool feature called sideways sewing, and that’s exactly what it is — the feed dogs move the fabric sideways as you sew! So your sewing machine sews forward, it sews backward, and now, it sews sideways!

Watch here…

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Hey Everyone! I’m going to show you how to use a unique feature on the Brother Q-Series Sewing Machines. It’s called “sideways sewing,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Instead of just sewing forward and sewing backwards, your feed dogs will move the fabric to allow you to sew from side-to-side. It’s awesome.

So this is great for when you’re working in really tight corners, in little areas, and you can’t quite maneuver the fabric around. I’m going to attach patches onto the back of my daughter’s denim jacket. I’ll show you how to use sideways sewing to do that.

Sideways Sewing: an awesome, unique feature on your Brother Q-Series Sewing Machine.

On my NQ900, my sideways sewing stitch numbers are 92 to 95 for regular stitch. And 96 to 99 for zigzag. It’s the 93/94, and the 96/97 that are actually going from side-to-side.

I’m doing an over edge zigzag, so to start, I’ll do stitch 98 to go down the one side. Stitch 96 sews to the left. And stitch 99 brings me back up to the top. Stitch 97 sews my zigzag to the right. And then I secure the threads with a lock stitch. It’s that easy.

And here it is. I decided to add just a few more patches to my daughter’s jacket to make it extra cute, but these are all done with the Brother sideways sewing feature. It’s available on all Q-Series models as well as their more advanced sewing machines.

Give it a try. I’d love to know what you think. This is great for anytime you’re trying to sew and get around a corner and get into a little area that’s really challenging to do. Instead of maneuvering all your fabric around, if you’re not able to do that, you can use this sideways sewing feature.

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