Sewing Machine Feed Dogs (Video)

What Are Sewing Machine Dogs?

Sewing machine feed dogs are the two little strips of metal ridges in your sewing machine that are hiding underneath your presser foot. If you advance your hand wheel you’ll see them move up and down.

What Do Sewing Machine Feed Dogs Do?

Watch below and find out!

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Hey everyone!

I’d like to introduce you to a small but important part of the sewing machine. It’s called the feed dogs.

Now, the feed dogs are the little metal teeth underneath the presser foot and they work to pull your fabric through the machine.

When you’re pressing the pedal or advancing your hand wheel, you’ll see the feed dogs moving up and down. And those feed dogs pull the fabric through the machine.

So, when you press the pedal, you don’t have to push the fabric through. You don’t have to pull it out the other side – the feed dogs are doing all the work for you!

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