How To Sew A Knife Edge Pillow (Video)

I did a series of educational videos with Fabricana, my favourite fabric store in Vancouver. Learning how to sew a knife edge pillow is an easy project, especially because it doesn’t require a zipper. In this video, I share one of my most-requested insider tricks on how to sew a knife edge pillow: How to prevent a pillow from having pointy corners.

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A knife edge pillow is a perfect complement to any décor; it has straight edges around all four sides and no zipper. So it’s easy to sew a knife edge pillow, even for a beginner.

The first thing you want to do is start with your pillow form. I’m working with an 18” pillow form, so I’ve cut two eighteen-by-eighteen inch squares.

Next, you’re going to mark a mid-way point along all four sides. You can either take your tape measure to measure the mid-way point, or you can fold your fabric together, find your mid-point, and mark it that way.

Once you have your mid-point marked, you’re going to take your straight edge from corner to corner, and you’re going to mark up half an inch from the edge along that diagonal line. Do that at all four corners.

Then take your French curve to draw the line from that half-inch mark out to the center mark of your pillow. This line is going to allow our corners to be a little softened around the edge of the pillow so you won’t get those extra pointy corners. You’re going to do that along all four sides and then your markings will look like this.

Next, I’m going to take my scissors and cut along those angled lines. Do that around all four sides so that your fabric will now have tapered edges, like this.

You’re going to pin your fabric all the way around and sew it at half an inch, leaving an opening to put in your pillow form. So, once I sew it all the way around, backstitching at both ends, I’ve left the opening and it looks like this.

I’m now going to clip my corners to reduce bulk; clip all four corners. Once you’ve clipped all four corners, take your pillow form and flip it right-side out, and you can use your point turner to do this – to poke out the corners. Once it’s turned all the way out, you’ll insert your pillow form and your pillow will look like this.

Next, all we need to do is slip-stitch that edge closed. And there you have it. The perfect knife-edged pillow. So easy to do; you can change out your décor from season to season.

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