Properly Store Your Sewing Machine Between Projects (Video)

Do you bring your sewing machine out from hiding whenever you want to sew? Maybe you tote it to and from a local sewing class. If your machine does any sort of traveling, there are some things you should do before you move it around. (Those same things should be done between your sewing projects to keep your sewing machine in top form.)

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Hey everyone,

Now here’s some sewing tips for you all about between your projects.

If you’re not sewing very often, you want to protect your machine from dust by putting it under a case or cover between uses.

And if you’re carrying it around, or just as a general best practice whenever you’re not sewing, you want to lower the machine needle and lower the presser foot that way things don’t get jammed around or broken around your machine needle.

Also, always return your machine to standard stitch settings when you’re done using it. So straight stitch, standard stitch width, standard stitch length; that way there’ll be no surprises —zig-zag, decorative stitches, or otherwise— when you’re ready to sew your next seam.

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