Oliso Pro Smart Iron (Video)

Many experienced sewers say that pressing is just as important (if not more so) than sewing when it comes to making clothes. Wait, rewind. What’s “pressing”? It’s the sewer’s term for ironing.

Like sewing, a good press can be dependent on your tools, and the Oliso Pro Smart Iron With iTouch Technology is one of my faves.

Watch here…


Hey everyone,


This is the Oliso iron and it’s made specifically for sewers. It’s got a lot of great features that I love that I know you’re going to love too.


The first is a patented iTouch technology. When you’re ironing and you let go of the iron, if you forget the iron on the machine and let go, it’s got scorch guards that pop up and they prevent the fabric from burning or scorching. Same thing if it accidently falls over; you don’t have to worry, because the scorch guards will activate.


Another great thing about this iron is it has a super long extension cord, so you won’t get twisted up and turned around when you’re ironing. And it has an extended life on it, so it doesn’t have an automatic shut-off that turns off right away. I know when I’m sewing, I like to sew, then prep, then sew, then prep, and often an automatic shut-off kicks in right away, but this one has a long time specifically for sewers.


It’s got a really heavy weight and a great slippery surface, so it’s easy to iron any fabric; and lots of steam vents too, which we always need.


Another great feature about this iron is the extra-large water reservoir; so it’s larger than the normal iron, and that way you don’t have to be refilling it all time when you’re always pressing and steaming between your seams.


So this iron – I know you’ll love it. Give it a try. Let me know what you think.


The iron was actually invented by the son of a sewer, specifically, with sewers in mind.


So, hopefully, you’ll like it. Let me know your thoughts.

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