No-Sew Felt Mermaid Pillow (DIY)


Looking for a quick, no-sew home decor project? This no-sew pillow is fast, fun, and it will help use up all those scrap pieces of felt you’ve got kicking around. I showed Tracy Moore how to make this mermaid-inspired decorative pillow on Cityline for National Craft Month. You can watch the segment here.

To make a no-sew felt mermaid pillow, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Pillow case
  • Hot glue gun
  • Felt (in various colours)
  • Fabric scissors

I got everything above from Walmart.


Here’s how to make the no-sew felt pillow:

  • Cut a variety of felt colours into circles approximately 3″ (8 cm) in diameter. (They don’t have to be perfect — mine certainly weren’t!)
  • Cut about 12 of those circles in half.

No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to-41 No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to-42

  • Trim four of the half-circles so they don’t extend past the edges of the pillow case.
  • Glue the half circles around the edges of your pillow case. (This prevents any white from showing through at the edges.)

No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to-43 No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to-44

  • Glue the felt circles onto the pillow case row by row, mixing the colours in a random order. Put glue on only half of each felt circle, leaving them unattached on the overlapping side. This will give your felt pillow a more natural, scalloped or scaled effect.

No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to-52 No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to-53

  • Enjoy the whimsy this pillow brings to your space. Looking for more colour play? Try mixing things up with tone-on-tone, rainbow, or an ombré effect.

No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to-54 No_Sew_Felt_Pillow_Craft_DIY_how_to

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