Replace An Industrial Sewing Machine Needle (Video)

Replacing an industrial sewing machine needle takes patience and a magnifying glass! If you’ve ever changed a regular home sewing machine needle, you know how minute the details are. And an industrial sewing machine needle is just a smidge harder to change.

For a home sewing machine, the needle has one flat side (on the needle shank) that’s easy to identify. But an industrial sewing machine needle doesn’t have that. You’ve got to look closer for a long groove on the side of the needle shaft.

Watch this and when you’re done, check out this post on how to thread an industrial sewing machine.


Hey everyone,

I’m going to show how to put a needle properly into an industrial sewing machine. It’s not that difficult, but it is finicky. Let’s get started.

So when you’re putting a needle into an industrial machine, the most important thing is to look for a long groove. Now you have two sides of this needle. You can kind of see in the light, there’s a long groove on one side. The other side has a short groove. It’s kind of an indent near the eye of the needle. You can see it a little bit on the right-hand side there, but basically what you want is that long groove to be on the left. So put the long groove on the left.

That’s when you tighten your screw. You tighten it by hand at first and then bring a mini-flathead screw driver to tighten it a little bit more.

You just want to make sure that that long groove – I’m putting my flathead screw driver into that groove — you want to make sure that long groove is on the left. That’s the key to putting a needle into an industrial sewing machine.

Tighten that up and then when you thread it, unlike a domestic machine, when you thread an industrial, you’re going to go through the eye of the needle from left to right. So make sure: long groove on the left, “L, L;” it’s an easy thing to remember and an easy thing to do.

So that’s it. It’s not that challenging. If you have any sewing questions you want me to answer, just find me. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Ask me your question and I’ll answer it in an upcoming video.

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