Linen Fabric Care Tips (Video)

Do you love wearing linen on a beach vacation? Have you inherited heirloom vintage linens? Linen is a beautiful, luxurious fabric, but not everyone knows how to care for linen properly. So how do you wash and dry linen?

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Hi everyone,

I just finished filming a segment for Cityline all about choosing and caring for table linens. So that’s placemats, tablecloths, napkins, table runners – anything that’s fabric that goes on your table.

I was speaking very generally, but what I wanted to tell you in this video is some specific tips for linen. So I’m talking natural linen, 100 percent pure linen, Irish linen, that linen that’s been passed on to you by your grandma… How are you going to care for that? Because it’s very different than a regular blend or other fibres.

The great thing about linen is that it wears beautifully over time. So the more you wash it, the more you wear it, the softer and more luxurious it gets. So don’t be afraid to throw it directly into a regular washing machine cycle; as long as it doesn’t have really fine, delicate, intricate details like hand-embroidery or any other cut outs or anything like that, that might be mushed up in the washing machine.

Do make sure that you choose a very mild, gentle, natural soap. You do want to keep your water temperature fairly warm. You don’t want to wash it in really hot water, because that will scald the fibers and make them break down earlier. So keep the water temperature to a medium or a warm temperature.

And, finally, instead of tumble-drying it, you want to lay linen flat or hang it to dry.

When it’s still damp, you’re going to then run an iron over it and press it out. That will keep your linen in perfect shape and it will age so beautifully.

Also, make sure if something spills on your linen, get rid of it right away. If you can’t take off the entire tablecloth, at least do a little dab.

This applies for table linens and garments at home, so any clothes that you have that are linen, whether it’s linen pants or linen blouse, you’re going to care for it the exact same way.

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