How To Use My Custom Stitch On Brother Sewing Machines (Video)

It always blows my mind to see the new things many sewing machines can do these days. Thinking back to my grandma’s vintage sewing machine or even my mom’s 1980s clunker that she still uses today (ugh, I’ve tried to get her to upgrade, but she just won’t!), sewing machines really have come a long way. Brother’s Q Series sewing machines, as well as their more advanced models, have a feature called “My Custom Stitch”, which allows you to create your own decorative sewing stitch.

How does “My Custom Stitch” work? You sketch the design by hand onto the Brother grid paper, program it into the sewing machine, sew it (obviously), and save it for future use so you can bust out your own design on a moment’s notice. “Oh, pardon me while I sew my unique custom stitch…” is something we’ve all dreamed of saying. Right?! No? Well, even if you’ve never thought of creating your own stitch, once you know how to do “My Custom Stitch”, you’ll be hooked (seriously — it’s so super cool!), and you’ll want to put that *stitch* on everything! 😉

VIDEO BONUS: I’ll show you how to sew an easy zippered clutch plus while showing you how to sew “My Custom Stitch.”

Watch here…

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