How To Shop A Fabric Store For Home Decor (Video)

I’m the first to admit home decor sewing is not my specialty. I’m very good! But I’m not incredible. Having said that, as a sewer (and I’m sure you can relate), I don’t discriminate when it comes to gorgeous fabrics, trims, and notions! You can put me in any section of the fabric store and I’ll be in heaven.

I teamed up with Vancouver fabric store Fabricana to produce a series of videos to help customers navigate specific areas of their massive store with confidence.

So if you’ve got a home decor project coming up, and you want to make your way through the fabric store with ease, hopefully this video will help!

Watch here…



When you’re shopping for fabric in the home décor section, you need to have a starting point. So, bring ideas and inspiration with you, whether it’s paint swatches, carpet samples, or tear sheets from a magazine.

You’ll find a wide variety of fabrics in the home décor department for every project imaginable; vinyl, chenille, silk, tapestry, sheers, you name it.

You’ll also find samples that you can special order from. Instead of cutting from a bolt and committing take a few samples home, test them out against your own décor and find the perfect match.

The home décor department of a fabric store will offer a variety of custom services. Here at Fabricana, you can have in-home interior design and in-home measurements. Or you can have custom blinds, drapery, upholstery, or custom bedding.

There’s also the hardware section, which has all of your extras, including hooks and drapery rods as well as piping, fringe, and tassels.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to the home décor department. Whether you’re sewing a few toss cushions, reupholstering a couch, or redoing your bedding or curtains. Or you can just have someone else do it all for you.

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