How To Make Bunny Ears Headband (DIY)

How to make Bunny Ears

I’m currently obsessed with accessorizing my daughter’s outfits. (She’s not quite two, so I’m lucky that she doesn’t yet resist what I force on her.) And with Easter around the corner, I couldn’t resist making her a simple pair of bunny ears using pipe cleaners and a headband.

I showed Tracy Moore how to make these bunny ears on Cityline for National Craft Month. The full episode will be online after it airs on March 14th.

To make your own bunny ears, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Headband
  • Pipe cleaners (white)
  • Wire cutters

I got all of my supplies from DeSerres, except the headband, which already belonged to my daughter.

Bunny Ears DIY

Here’s how to make your own bunny ears:

  • Bend the ends of three pipe cleaners into a “U” shape and twist them together.
  • Tuck the headband end into the “U”. (This, along with the next step, will help prevent the pipe cleaner ends from poking out.)

Bunny Ears DIY Bunny Ears DIY

  • Start twisting one of the pipe cleaners around the headband end.
  • Continue twisting all three pipe cleaners around the headband.

Bunny Ears DIY Bunny Ears DIY

  • Whenever a pipe cleaner is getting short, twist on another one to extend its length.

Bunny Ears DIY Bunny Ears DIY

  • When you reach the spot where you’d like an ear to start, twist two pipe cleaners together loosely (they’ll form the ear), and continue wrapping the third pipe cleaner around the headband.

(In hindsight, I realize white on white wasn’t the best idea for photographic purposes, especially with all these confusing shadows that appear. OOPS, SORRY!!)

Bunny Ears DIY Bunny Ears DIY

  • Shape your bunny ear, and wrap the third pipe cleaner around the bottom of the ear to hold it in place.
  • Continue wrapping all three pipe cleaners and extending them as needed.

Bunny Ears DIY Bunny Ears DIY

  • Create and shape the second ear when appropriate.
  • Continue wrapping the headband.

Bunny Ears DIY Bunny Ears DIY

  • Fold two of the pipe cleaners over the headband end, and cut off the excess with the wire cutters.
  • Create a loop at the bottom of the third remaining pipe cleaner, tucking the end back in toward the headband. (This will prevent having a sharp, raw edge poking out.)

Bunny Ears DIY Bunny Ears DIY

  • Wrap the loop continually around until the headband end is completely covered. Give it a good squeeze to keep it in place.
  • Bend the ears into a narrow diamond shape. (I realized that oval ears look more mouse-like.)

Bunny Ears DIYBunny Ears DIY

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