Secure Your Gütermann Thread End (Video)

One of the things I love about sewing is you’ll never stop learning little tricks! One of the girls that worked for me at The Sewing Studio showed me this trick to loosen the Gütermann thread end by twisting the spool. (Does that work with any other types of thread?) Plus here’s how to lock the thread end and prevent it from unraveling in your sewing kit.

Watch here…


Alright, here’s another sewing tip for you.

You know these spools of Gütermann thread? The thread is wound around the bottom and it’s actually caught in a bunch of little teeth. So whenever you’re finished sewing with that spool, you want to take that loose thread end and twist it around those teeth. Those teeth secure the thread and prevent your spool from unraveling when you toss it in your sewing kit.

If you’re buying a brand new one, you also might notice that it’s too tight to get out and it’s really hard to pull that little thread end. You can actually hold the bottom, pull the top, and twist them apart to loosen them and get that thread.

Definitely something to make your sewing life easier.

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