How To Get Blood Out Of Fabric (Video)

This video is super short because it’s a quick and dirty tip. (Actually, I guess it’s a CLEAN tip!)

Don’t ask me why, but your own saliva will get your own blood out of fabric. So if you prick your finger when pinning or hand-sewing, or if you snip your hand when cutting, don’t worry if you get a little bit of blood on your fabric. To get blood out of fabric, give it a little spit. (How do I spell the spitting sound effect?? *Insert that here!* LOL!)

Any chemists out there who can explain why this works? I’m assuming it’s science… and not fairy magic.

Watch here…



Hi everyone,


I’m here with sewing fan Nadia Rampersad and she has a fantastic tip if you’re working with white or light colored fabrics.



If you accidently get some blood on your fabric, by poking your hand or cutting yourself accidently, don’t panic. A little dab of your saliva will remove it right away.



Yeah. It sounds gross, but your own blood – you know nothing gets out your own blood like your own saliva. So, weird tip, but amazing tip. Thanks, Nadia.



You’re welcome.


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