Fray Stop And Fray Block (Video)

One staple product that’s always in my sewing kit? Fray Stop!

I use this mostly as a quick way to prevent my serger threads from unraveling when I’m serging my seam allowances, but I also use it on store-bought garments if any threads inside my clothes are coming loose. Make sure you only use a very small amount, though. My other tip: between uses, put a pin with a round head all the way in the top of the Fray Stop bottle instead of replacing the lid. Toss the container in your sewing kit as-is, and when you’re ready to use it next, just pull the pin out — you’ll never have a clogged opening!

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Hey everyone,


I want to introduce you to something called Fray Stop.


Now it might be called Fray Block, Fray Stop, Fray Check – depends on the brand that you’re buying – but basically it’s a flexible fabric glue. So it has lots of great uses.


If you have a little tiny tear in your fabric or in your garment, you can put a dab of the Fray Stop on it, let it dry, and then you can throw it in the washing machine and it’s not all scratchy and itchy. It will be flexible and it will move with your fabric.


When you’re serging something, you can cut your serger ends and, because there’s no backstitch on a serger, they’re going to unravel, but you can put a little dab of Fray Block on there as well.


Or nylons, apparently, a student told me that it works even to prevent a run in a nylon.


So, give it a try. Fray Stop. Pick it up. Let me know what you think and I can’t wait to hear.


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