Fabric And Trim Stores In NYC’s Garment District (Video)

If you’ve been to NYC’s Garment District, you know the pure joy of walking in and around the many fabric and trim stores there. (If you haven’t been, PLEASE add it to your bucket list. Seriously! It’s a sewer’s dream!!)

When I was asked by the Garment District to put together a promotion video for them, I was overjoyed. Spend a day in and out of some of my fave stores? Yes please! During filming, I spent time in Mood Designer Fabrics, Daytona Trimmings, and Hecht Sewing.

Watch here…


Whether you’re a hobbyist home sewer, a fashion student, an up-and-coming designer, or you’re just looking to replace a missing button, New York’s Fashion District has exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m Denise Wild and I’m here in the Fashion District, in the heart of New York City.

I’m going to show you through this exciting, historic neighborhood, which is booming with fabric stores, trim shops, and everything in between.

New York’s Fashion District is right below Times Square in the middle of the fashion capital of the world. And since the 1900s, it’s been a centre for fashion manufacturing as well as fashion design. When you’re here, you can shop some of the world’s best fabric and notions stores; but first, get a free mapping guide from the Info Center at the Big Button. They’ve even got great self-guided walking tours. Follow me.

If you’re a Project Runway fan, you know exactly where I am; this is Mood Fabrics and it’s only one of the four hundred and fifty fabric companies in the Fashion District. So you’re sure to find exactly what you need in this neighborhood.

Even if you’ve never sewn before or you’re a beginner, these fabric stores are a great inspiration.

Here’s one of the many trim stores in the Fashion District; Daytona Trimmings. You’ll find every possible notion you can think of for fashion and for home, including ribbon, zippers, buttons, appliqué, and hardware.

I’m in Hecht Sewing right now – an industrial machine dealer and one of the original stores in the Fashion District. You can really get a feel for the neighborhood’s past in this store. The Fashion District has so much history and it’s the stores, the people, and the designers right here who’ve helped create the entire fashion industry.

There are so many great resources and things to do in this one neighborhood, and shopping the fabric and trim stores is only the beginning. The Fashion District also has restaurants, art galleries, great theaters, and more.

Visit fashioncenter.com for more information about the area or to see a calendar of events or industry maps.

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