How to cover imperfections with studs and beading

Why does well-done studs or beading on a garment make me so happy? I don’t know but I encourage you to not only embellish your hearts out but to also use these techniques creatively to hide rips and tears.

Adding studs:

If a rip or tear that you’ve mended has left a fabric blemish you now want to cover, or if you just feel like adding some edge to your garment, try adding studs. Not only can studs easily cover a fabric flaw but they also instantly add a unique style to any garment. While studs can be a great visual detail, they can be overpowering, so it is best to start with a small pattern.

Adding beading:

If you’re looking to add a unique design detail, or if there’s a visible imperfection in your garment after it’s been mended, try adding beading. Using a professional beading technique, a graphic bead design can cover a mended tear in one particular spot, or a thin row of beads can go across your garment at a snag. Choose a bead colour that matches your garment for something subdued, or make a statement with a contrasting tone.

Want to take this a step further and experiment with embellishing denim? This video will get you started!

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