Don’t Use Serger Thread In Your Sewing Machine (Video)

Serger thread is tempting to use in your domestic sewing machine because it’s cheap (the giant cones can cost under $5), but it isn’t made for your personal machine.

If you use a cone of serger thread instead of regular, all-purpose thread, it will break and jam in your sewing machine. You’ll think the problem is you or your sewing machine, but really the problem is the thread.

Watch here or check out my thread archive to learn everything you ever wanted to know about sewing machine thread.


Now here’s a really important sewing tip.

Do not use serger thread in your sewing machine. These spools of thread are tempting to buy because they’re inexpensive, but they have a very rough texture on the thread.

So if you put it in your regular sewing machine, it’s going to break and jam and you’ll be really frustrated.

These spools of thread instead are to be used on a serger, which is a different machine entirely.

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