Cutting Your Fabric Before Sewing: Tools and Techniques (Video)

In this collaborative video I created with Vancouver fabric store Fabricana, I’m showing you some of the main cutting tools you’ll want to have on-hand when sewing- dressmaking shears, rotary cutters, embroidery scissors, and snips. I also share some fabric cutting techniques for easier, faster cutting. Who wouldn’t want that?!

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I’m going to walk you through some tools and techniques for getting the best cutting possible.

Let’s start with the tools. Here we have scissors, rotatory cutters, and specialty clips.

When it comes to your scissors, you want to buy the best you can afford and you want to guard them with your life; make sure no one uses them and you don’t use them for anything except for fabric.

Rotatory cutters make straight cutting a breeze; you can choose from a straight handle or an ergonomic handle.

And specialty clips: we have snips for small threads, embroidery scissors, and rag clips for quilting.

When you’re cutting fabric, it’s a good idea to take straight, long cuts; this will help you keep a straight line and it will prevent uneven edges.

If you’re cutting in circles and you’re right-handed, cut in a counter-clockwise motion. If you’re left-handed, cut in a clockwise motion.

And if you’re working with slippery fabrics, it’s a good idea to cover your table with an old table cloth; that way your slippery fabric won’t move around when you’re cutting it. Or you can cut it in a single layer. Or you can put newsprint underneath and your pattern piece on top; cut through all three layers and it won’t shift around.

When it comes to cutting, whether you’re cutting your tissue or cutting your fabric, you want to take your time and you want to make sure that you have the right tools. Remember there are no second chances when it comes to cutting; you want to measure twice and cut once.

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