I’m Now Working With UpCraft Club! (Video)

I can’t tell you how happy I am to announce that I’m now working with UpCraft Club, an incredible company doing huge, innovative things in the sewing and quilting industry!

Details of the company are in the video below, but here’s a quick overview of what UpCraft Club currently offers:

  • PDF sewing patterns from the best indie fashion designers and sewing bloggers around the world
  • Digital patternmaking services, so if you’re a fashion designer, a sewing blogger, a fashion retailer, etc, and you want to have PDF patterns made, UpCraft Club can do it for you
  • The only in-store purchases of digital product (Translation? When you visit your local fabric shop that partners with UpCraft Club, you can buy digital sewing patterns, ebooks, and online classes in-store. You heard that right! You can do that in-store!)

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what you’re about to see from UpCraft Club. Bookmark the site, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media.

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Hey everyone! I’m in the airport in New York on my way home from Des Moines, Iowa, and I want to share some exciting news from my trip there. I’ve just started working with a company called UpCraft Club. UpCraft Club is making huge waves in the sewing industry, both online and at local fabric shops. UpCraftClub.com is an online marketplace for digital sewing patterns. If you’ve never heard of those before, they’re your typical sewing patterns (for clothes, bags, kids clothes, quilts, crafts) but in digital format. So instead of going to the store and buying a paper pattern like you used to, you go to UpCraftClub.com, click on the pattern you like, and download the PDF link to your desktop. That PDF can be printed on your home computer on regular paper, and all of the pattern pages are then laid out and taped together like an easy puzzle. Then on that puzzle are your full-size pattern pieces that you cut out and use.

UpCraft Club also offers digital patternmaking services. So if you’re a fashion label, a fashion retailer, a blogger, or a designer and you want to create digital sewing patterns to add more sellable products or to attract a global audience, UpCraft Club can do that for you.

UpCraft Club is not only a one-stop-shop for digital sewing patterns, it’s also bridging the gap between the digital and physical. UpCraft Club makes it possible for retailers around the world to carry digital products. For example, If you go into a sewing store that works with UpCraft Club, while you’re buying fabric and notions for your next project, you can now also purchase the PDF sewing pattern you want to use, an ebook, an online course.

Right now, UpCraft Club is focusing on the sewing and quilting markets, but this will grow to include other crafts, other industries.

I’m so excited to be a part of the team and a part of this innovation within the sewing industry. Make sure you check it out, buy a PDF sewing pattern, and join us as we grow. Visit UpCraftClub.com or follow @upcraftclub on your favourite social media channels.

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