Turn Your Passion Into A Business (Video)

The Canadian Press

When The Canadian Press approached me about doing a piece for their “get my job” video series, I was extremely flattered. The Canadian Press is a national news agency and Canada’s leader for news dissemination, so I know when it comes to business, they mean business.

I love inspiring others to follow their passion and to start a creative business, so any time I can offer tips based on my own experience, I’m all-in!

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How to get my job: SEWING TEACHER / EXPERT

I basically do anything and everything related to sewing. So I teach classes online and in person. And I am an author, I do speaking engagements, I do media appearances, brand representation.

  1. Start small:

So the very first thing I would recommend if someone’s looking to get a job in sewing is to start small. If you want to sew for other people, try doing hemming projects or try making things for other people. Maybe start an Etsy shop and sell things there. Or, if you want to teach classes, you can offer classes to your friends or look for a sewing shop that already teaches classes and see if you can become an instructor. So, really, just take baby steps bringing in those little jobs into your life and then it can keep growing from there.

  1. Use your network:

I would recommend people ask around their network and use your network to your advantage; there might be people around you who either have a related job or who are in a similar industry or maybe there’s something that you can do for them.

  1. Look for any opportunity:

And the third bit of advice is to look for any opportunity to do what it is that you love. So if your background is magazines, you can work as an editor at a sewing magazine or as a writer at a sewing magazine. Basically, whatever it is that your focus is or your background is or your knowledge is, take that and do a spin on it that follows your passion or that follows your creative art.

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