The Sewing Studio Opens in Pickering (Video)

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TV reporter Amie Smith and the Rogers First Local crew came by our second location of The Sewing Studio when it opened in the suburb of Pickering, east of Toronto.

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Amie Smith:
A stitch here and a knot there. With a needle and thread, you can create almost anything. And the traditional craft of sewing is becoming more and more popular in this day and age, as more and more people become interested in fashion. And in the Durham area, there is a brand new place where you can learn or perfect your sewing skills.

Denise Wild:
This location in Pickering just was really appealing to us; it’s right by the water, it’s almost like a little Unionville, and it was a perfect home for another location of The Sewing Studio. It’s right off the highway; we knew that would be attractive to the local community out here and to anyone who can get to us by 401.

Amie Smith:
The Pickering location of The Sewing Studio opened on April 13th, adding to the original location in downtown Toronto. And they teach a variety of classes from introductory to advanced.

Kristina Zommers:
You’re actually cutting it on a bias. And when things are cut on a bias, they don’t fray.

I enjoy teaching people and sharing my knowledge of all the different things you can do, because sewing is not just clothing, and it’s not just draperies. It can be bags, it can be quilts, it can be hemming your own pants; it’s a really good skill to know.

Amie Smith:
And The Sewing Studio has been attracting a variety of people who want to learn more about sewing for a variety of reasons.

Nella Peltenburg (student):
I didn’t know anything about sewing. I just did occasionally buttons and hemming my son’s pants. So I wanted to get actually better at it. So I– I was intimidated by the sewing machine. So that’s why I’m here.

Millie Castaneda (student):
I had to stop making the mistakes I’ve been making all this time. Because I just make projects just, you know, at home, but this is a– it teaches you the basics, but it also teaches you how to like improve certain things.

Kristina Zommers:
—your stripe, but try and follow that line. You’re going to want to do that all the way across. And make sure—

A lot of women want to create stuff for themselves too. Whether it’s, you know, being really funky and doing a different design, or whether it’s just customizing a fit. So, you know, it’s sort of all over the place. People do want to be creative, and they want to make their own things, and they also want the practically of sewing and doing a domestic art.

Amie Smith:
If you are interested in freshening up your skills with a needle and thread, you can visit to get all the details on when the next set of courses are starting at The Sewing Studio.

Amie Smith:
Amie Smith. First Local.

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