The Sewing Studio Opens on Avenue Road (Video)


This video makes me so happy, and it brings so many incredible memories! This location of The Sewing Studio on Avenue Road in Toronto was the very first commercial space for my business. Looking back, I can’t believe how far I had come at this point, yet how much farther I had yet to go.

This was a very special day since we were being featured on Cityline, Canada’s leading daytime show.

Watch here…


Patrick Reynolds:
If you want to improve your sewing skills, or you’re like me and you’ve never sewn before, then The Sewing Studio is the place for you.

I started The Sewing Studio about two and a half years ago, just because I was finding there was a lot of interest at the time in people learning domestic arts.

We give several different types of classes, some– a lot of beginner classes. We find a lot of students come to us, and they either want to refine the basics that they already know or they’re interested in starting from scratch. So we have an Introductory Sewing class.

We also have a Quick Start class for people who want to devote less time to it – who want to do something faster – so it’s a four-week program.

We have different intermediate classes that focus on garment-making.

We have drop-in classes that you can work a new project.

Then we have specific Feature Workshops; so someone who wants to learn home décor, they want to learn alterations, or they want to make clothes for the baby– for a baby shower or something like that. And yoga bags, deconstructing shirts, all that kind of thing.

We have three-hour workshops. So someone can come in and spend an afternoon, and leave with a project or with a greater understanding of sewing.

Patrick Reynolds:
There we go. CD holder.

Julianna Clarke, sewing instructor:
That’s perfect.

Patrick Reynolds:
Beautiful, eh? What do you think?

Julianna Clarke Sewing instructor:
First time sewer.

Patrick Reynolds:
You see? Okay, now let’s just see if it fits. There we go. Well, we don’t have to see the end. It looks great. It looks great.

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