Walking Foot Presser Foot (Video)

A walking foot (also known as an even-feed foot), is something I love to sew with! They’re not cheap (a walking foot can run you anywhere from $20 to $50, which is quite high for a presser foot), but you’ll really notice a difference when you’re sewing. A walking foot puts a set of feed dogs on top of your fabric, which helps the fabric feed through your machine evenly as you sew.

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Hi everyone,

So I wanted to introduce you to a walking foot. Now, this is a presser foot that adds a second set of feed dogs to your machine.

Your machine already comes with a set of feed dogs, and those are the little metal teeth underneath your presser foot that actually pull the fabric through the machine as you sew. So you don’t have to push, you don’t have to pull; the feed dogs do all the work and pull your fabric through.

Now, by using a walking foot and attaching this to your machine instead of your regular presser foot, this is putting a set of feed dogs on top of your fabric as well. So the feed dogs on top and the feed dogs on the bottom are going to pull your two layers of fabric through simultaneously.

That means when you’re matching plaids or patterns, you don’t have to worry about them being messed up when you’re finished sewing your seam. Or when you’re sewing something slippery; you get to the end of your seam and all the sudden one piece is longer than the other even though you pinned it. You won’t have that issue when you use the walking foot. This also is great when you’re sewing something that’s really sticky like vinyl or leather; something that doesn’t sew through a regular machine easily.

So definitely check that out. Try a walking foot. And I actually like to leave a walking foot attached to my machine when I sew anything. You’ll really notice a difference in your projects and it’s a really great tool.


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