UpCraft Club Sewing Hunt: Online Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard? There’s an awesome digital event happening right now that you don’t want to miss! It’s the UpCraft Club Sewing Hunt, the sewing industry’s first digital scavenger hunt!


Are you familiar with online scavenger hunts? Basically, you visit different websites collecting digital icons. All the while you get to know great companies, and your name is continually entered in draws for various prizes! In short, fun web surfing = great freebies!

I’m honoured to be one of the sponsors for the Hunt, and am giving away a prize package that includes a copy of Mend & Make Fabulous, my LoveSewing set of beginner sewing DVDs, plus some of my favourite UpCraft Club digital PDF sewing patterns.

How can you win? Sign up for the Hunt here (it only lasts for two weeks, so do it now!), and start clicking! Also spread the word, because the more people who participate, the more fun it is!


p.s. If you’re trying to find the hidden Hunt icon on *my* website, here’s my hint: I love getting to know new people, and you’ll find my icon when you get to know me. 🙂



The UpCraft Club Sewing Hunt is an online scavenger hunt bringing you a FUN way to connect with the sewing industry and WIN exciting PRIZES!

For two weeks, the sewing community will participate in a virtual scavenger hunt. Sewists can register for the hunt and visit sponsor websites, searching for a hidden hunt icon. Every time you find an icon you are entered to win fun prizes!

The hunt is FREE to participate in and prizes include: fabric, a sewing machine, notions, PDF sewing patterns, and more. Over two thousand dollars’ worth of prizes will be given out during the Hunt.


  • First register for the Hunt
  • When the Hunt begins, you’ll be able to log into UpCraft Club and see the Hunt Dashboard.
  • The Dashboard will provide you with links to each sponsor’s website where you will follow clues to find the Hunt Icon. Once found and clicked you will receive one entry to win fabulous prizes for each icon you find.

The fun begins on Monday, January 23rd and for 2 weeks you can hunt your way to fantastic prizes.

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