A Tour Of Brother’s Head Office (Video)

You know Brother. They’re the Japanese company behind great printers, great sewing machines, and that amazing ScanNCut machine. (Seriously! Have you played with that thing? It’s on my Christmas wish list every year! Hello, Santa…)

I’m doing some exciting things with Brother over the next few months that I can’t wait to share with you. Videos, events, projects. Lots of good stuff!

To kick things off, Brother invited me to their head office in Montreal to have a tour through the facility. I got to spend a day playing with their newest machines (I love my job!), plus I got to walk through their warehouse, talk about collaborations with their marketing team, and see behind-the-scenes in their customer care department.

Side note: Everyone was so nice!!! They were playing games in the customer care department and showing me music video competitions from past Christmas parties. I’ve been using Brother products for a long time, and have always been a fan of the quality of their sewing machines, so to see such joy in the people behind the brand made me love their products even more!

Watch here…

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Hi, everyone. I’m in Montreal today at the Brother head office. I’ve been sewing with and using Brother sewing machines for a really long time; I absolutely love them. I’m here at their head office today to have a look around and I thought you’d like to join me. Come on. Let’s go.
Oh, good morning.

Receptionist, Anne-Marie:
Hi, Denise, welcome. We’re so happy to have you with us today.

Thank you.

Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Victoria:
Hi, I’m Victoria. Welcome to the Marketing and Communications Department.

A group of Brother employees:

This is our group. We’re approachable and friendly and we want to be there for you. So, yeah, the products? Not a problem. Our products are above the top in terms of quality. They’re above the top in terms of technology. And the people behind them? Well, they’re above the top on friendliness and being there for you. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We’ve got a Facebook page. We’ve got a Twitter account going. And Denise is going to be contributing to that. So, you’re going to want to follow us. Welcome to Brother.

Operations Manager Customer Care, Dimitri:
Hi, my name is Dimitri and welcome to Brother Customer Care. I’m just going to give you a brief tour of our offices. These are our super heroes of Customer Care.

A group of Brother employees:
Welcome to Brother.

Customer Care Representative, Brendan:
Hi, my name is Brendan. I answer questions with regards to sewing and sewing machines as well as embroidery machines and our ScanNCut. If you have any questions for us about these things, we’re always at your side to assist. And we answer questions by phone as well as by live chat and email. And we look forward to speaking to you.

Our goal is really to offer the best customer service to our customers; to be there for our customers, to be their heroes when they need it.

Associate Product Manager, Christine:
Hi, welcome to Brother. I’m Christine and I’m on the product management team for our sewing and embroidery machines here at Brother. I would like to go through some of our machines with you today.
Here we have our PRS100. So this is our professional embroidery series machine; where it does embroidery only and you can add beautiful creations to your clothing or a pillow at home.
Over here we have our beautiful Dream Machine. So this is the XV8500D and it’s just the most technologically advanced machine on the market; it scans, it has camera function. So, just a lot of fun features for everyone to try out.
Then we have our Q Series over here. So, this is our NQ3500D and it’s a combination machine where it does embroidery and sewing. These are our Quilting Series; where it’s our NQ900 and our NQ700. And these are really great if you’re into quilting or just sewing; the sewing experience is just amazing.
Thank you very much.

National Manager Distribution Centers, Jean-Claude:
Hi, I’m Jean-Claude. Welcome to the Distribution Center. We have this big space where we store all the sewing machines ready to be presented and shipped out to our customers. All the standards do meet, absolutely, our customer and even go above their expectations.
Thank you.

So, that’s a wrap everyone. Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m so glad you got to come around and see the inside of Brother’s headquarters with me. I’ll be sharing lots of exciting news about Brother’s sewing machines and embroidery machines, so stay tuned.
See you.

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