Tissue Paper Flowers (DIY)

tissue paper flowers diy craft

I remember making this tissue paper flowers DIY craft as a kid with my grandma! They’re a super easy craft to make, they’re very inexpensive, and they’re a great way to bring flowers into your decor if you’re like me and you have troubles keeping things alive! 😉

I recreated this tissue paper flowers DIY craft with Tracy Moore on Cityline for National Craft Month. You can watch the segment here.

To make tissue paper flowers, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Tissue paper
  • Stapler
  • Thin wire
  • Scissors
  • Florist tape
  • Fake flower (you’ll use the existing stem)
  • Wire cutters (to cut the fake flower stem)

I got everything above from Walmart including:

  • Clear vase
  • Decorative stones

Here’s how to make my tissue paper flowers DIY craft:

  • Accordion-fold 4 or 5 pieces of tissue paper together. My tissue paper measured about 12″ x 16″ (30 cm x 40 cm) initially.
  • Staple the folded tissue paper bunch in the middle.

Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-2 Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-3

  • Cut some thin wire to encircle the tissue paper bunch.
  • Twist the wire around the tissue paper bunch to create a mini stem off one end. Round the ends of the tissue paper with scissors.

Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-4 Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-5

  • Spread out one side of the tissue paper.
  • Separate the top layer of tissue and raise it toward you.  (Keep the wire stem facing down, away from you as you build the flower toward you.)

Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-12 Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-13

  • Continue separating and raising each subsequent layer of tissue. This will create the multiple layers of flower petals.

Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-14 Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-15

  • When you’re finished one side, do the same to the other side of the flower.

Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-16 Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-7

  • Once both sides of the tissue layers are completely fanned out and separated, make sure the wire stem is pointing out the back. If it isn’t, shimmy it in place.
  • Remove the existing bloom from the fake flower.

Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-8 Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-6

  • Wrap the mini wire stem of the paper flower around the stem of the fake flower.
  • Wrap florist tape around the top of the fake flower stem to hold the paper flower in place.

Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-9 Tissue_Paper_Flowers_Craft_DIY_How_To-10

  • Enjoy your beautiful paper bloom!
  • Make another and put them together in a glass vase with decorative rocks.




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