The Strawberry On Your Pin Cushion (Video)

The tomato pin cushion is ubiquitous — you have one, your mom has one, everyone has one! We’re all very familiar with that famous red pin cushion. BUT did you know that the little dangling strawberry (or chilli pepper) on it actually has a pretty neat purpose?

Watch below for the best sewing trick related to the good ol’ tomato pin cushion or if you want more sewing tips, check out this compilation of sewing advice. And if you’re wondering why the tomato pin cushion is a tomato at all, Martha Stewart has the answer for you.


Now here’s a little sewing fun fact for you.

You know the little strawberry on the end of your pin cushion?

This is a standard tomato pin cushion that you probably have in your sewing kit; there is – some people think it’s a strawberry, some people think it’s a chili pepper attached to the end; either way, it’s filled with emery.

So that same emery that you use to file your nails, you can use to sharpen your pins. So if you have a pin that’s dull, you can toss it or you can poke it through the emery and sharpen it back up again.

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