How To Solve Sewing Machine Tension Issues (Video)

There’s a little secret sewing teachers and sewing machine repair technicians know, and it has to do with tension issues when sewing. Here’s the deal: Almost every time someone is having troubles with their machine, especially if they’re saying something like “my machine is having tension issues”, it’s because they’ve done something wrong with the bobbin.

Did you hear that? It’s true! You’re probably thinking or wondering something like this:

  • “How do I fix a tension issue on my sewing machine?”
  • “My thread is bunching up under my fabric. I think it’s a tension issue.”
  • “I’m having problems with my sewing machine. How do I adjust my sewing machine tension?”

Don’t touch your sewing machine’s thread tension! A sewing machine problem Is likely Just a bobbin issue:

  1. You may be using the wrong type/classification of bobbin
  2. You might have not loaded the bobbin properly (this includes not catching the bobbin tension disk properly when loading it or leaving even a tiny amount of thread poking out)
  3. You may have put your bobbin in your sewing machine incorrectly

Watch this video, then watch how to load your bobbin properly here


Here’s a sewing tip for you.

Ninety-five percent of the time when you think there’s a problem with your machine, you just need to correct a bobbin issue.

Make sure you’re using the right type of bobbin, make sure you’ve loaded it with thread properly, and make sure you’ve put it into the machine correctly.

Once you’ve done those three things right, then you’re smooth sailing.

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