Rethread Your Sewing Machine When All Else Fails (Video)

Okay, here’s the deal: 99% of the time that people have issues with their sewing machine, it’s user error. No joke! Usually, it’s related to the bobbin*. But sometimes, your sewing thread has just mysteriously jumped out of the machine’s threading mechanism, in which case, simply rethreading your machine will get you back on track.

*Check out this previous blog post where I show you how to properly wind and load a bobbin, which will help fix “tension issues” with your sewing machine. I’ve used air quotes because they’re not really tension issues… you did something wrong when it comes to your bobbin! 😉 Truth!

Watch this…
and if you still have problems, fix your bobbin!


Here’s another great sewing tip for you.

If your machine jams and everything is proper with your bobbin, that means you’ve chosen the right type of bobbin, you’ve loaded it with thread correctly, and you’ve put it into your machine properly – then just rethread your sewing machine.

Even though it might look like it’s okay, sometimes the thread slips out of the machine’s mechanism or tension disk without you noticing. So a simple rethread often does the trick.

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