Permanent Adhesive For Embellishments (Video)

I’m secretly addicted to embellishments on clothes. I love the edginess of studs and mirrors, beading is beautiful, and don’t get me started on sequins! Ahhhh! LOVE!

Whether you get your embellishment on by adorning garments you sew from scratch or by adding to store-bought clothes, you need a product that will glue embellishments to fabric without budging and without wearing down or washing away.

Check this out…


Hey everyone,

So this is a great product that my fellow embellishers will love. It’s called Gem-Tak. And this is a permanent adhesive made specifically to attach porous materials to non-porous materials.

So, what does that mean? A porous material is your fabric and a non-porous material is an embellishment like glass, rhinestone, stud – any type of embellishment where it’s not porous.

So, basically, you take this – it’s non-toxic, it dries clear. You’re going to pre-treat your fabric. So wash and dry your fabric exactly as you plan to wash and dry your finished garment.

Then I would recommend taking a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the back of your non-porous embellishment; that way you just make sure it’s a hundred percent clean.

Put a little dab of the Gem-Tak directly on the embellishment and put the embellishment onto your fabric. Let it dry for 24 hours. Even give it a little bit of extra time, if you want, but 24 hours is sufficient.

And then your fabric and your finished garment is completely machine washable. So don’t dry-clean it, but you can machine wash it.

This is such a handy thing to use and you’ll really enjoy getting creative with all your embellishments.

So I would suggest, first, sewing and completing your garment – if you’re starting from scratch. Or you can do this to something you already own.

If it’s a garment that you’re sewing, once you’ve already sewn it, then when you put it on, you can pick the perfect spot for your embellishments.

So check it out, try it out, and let me know what you think.

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