Hide imperfections with a patch

Patches are back

Patches are back, my friends! Why patch a fabric tear or flaw normally when you can do it in style? Add your fashion touch to any garment with a patch in an interesting shape or from contrasting fabric. Play with patterns, colours, textures, and shapes, or even add a patch where it’s not needed just for style’s sake or as part of a larger motif.

Patching tip #1:

For a cleaner look, turn under and press the patch’s raw edges to the wrong side, then edge stitch the patch in place. 

Patching tip #2:

If you apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of a patch before sewing it to the garment, it will keep its shape better.

Watch how I use the Brother sideways sewing feature to add a few more patches to my daughter’s jacket to make it extra cute.

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