How To Thread A Sewing Machine (Video)

In Part Two of my sewing-machine-basics Web Extras for Cityline, I show how easy it is to thread a sewing machine when you follow the prompts. But first, a tip: make sure you lift up your presser foot before you start threading your sewing machine — doing so disengages the upper thread tension disks and allows the thread to run through the machine easily.

Watch the first Web Extra about loading your bobbin here. And then watch this…



Now that our bobbin is loaded, it’s time to thread the machine. You’re going to take your spool of thread, and, again, you’re following the numbers. So it’s easy one, two, three. This one comes around and goes straight back down.

Make sure your take-up lever is up – if you need to, advance your hand wheel – and this just goes from right to left, around that take-up lever, and then straight down. So you’re following the numbers all the way through. Then we connect it on the thread guide, this has a number six, and then from front to back through the eye of the needle. Once your needle is threaded, just pull that thread between the presser foot and the throat plate out the back like that.

Alright, let’s put the bobbin in. Because I have a drop and load machine, it’s super easy, I just pull off this top cover and my bobbin just drops right in. Make sure your thread is coming over on the left-hand side and swing the thread below this little plastic finger and up the side like that. What we want to do is press down on that top thread with your left hand. Lower and raise the needle, so you’re using your hand wheel to lower the needle, bring it all the way up and bring the take-up lever all the way up. Once you have that, you can slide your scissors underneath; just leave your left hand here so to provide resistance, and that pulls up your bobbin thread right away. Put the case back on and you’re ready to sew.

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