How To Sew An Easy Pillow Without A Zipper (Video)

Pillows are an inexpensive way to update the look of a room. By incorporating new colours or fabric trends into your existing decor, or by replacing your soft furnishings entirely, you can change up your style in a snap. And, fortunately, pillows are easy to make!

Here’s a pillow that’s easy to sew that doesn’t require a zipper. You can leave it plain and just tuck in your pillow form, or you can do what I’ve done, and add piping and a contrast edge for interest, plus two buttons as a more decorative closure. My Brother NQ900 sewing machine has a one-step buttonhole function, which takes the guesswork and difficulty out of sewing buttonholes.

Have you sewn one-step buttonholes before? They’re the best!!! You don’t have to measure your button. You don’t have to guess when to do your upper bar tack. You just click on your buttonhole presser foot and go! (I’m not joking! Major time- and sanity-saver!) In this video, not only will I show you how to sew a quick pillow, I’ll walk you through how to sew a one-step buttonhole on a sewing machine as well.

Watch here…

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Hey everyone!

I’m going to show you how to sew a super fast pillow that doesn’t require you to install a zipper. One of the great things that makes this pillow so fast is the one-step buttonholes. I’m going to show you how to use that on this Brother sewing machine.

I’m using an 46 cm (18″) pillow, so I’ve drafted three pieces of upholstery fabric. One is 43 cm by 43 cm (17″ x 17″) and two are 43 cm by 34 cm (17″ x 13.5″). I’ve also got two buttons, a package of narrow, double-fold bias tape, plus a threaded sewing machine.

  • Lay your pillow pieces how they’ll look when done. The small pieces will overlap each other opposite the large piece.
  • Then cut down each of the four corners to prevent the bunny-ears on your finished pillow. You want to cut the corner an inch down, and then taper it along both sides. You can draft this out or eyeball it.
  • Next, wrap the double-fold bias tape on one small pillow piece around the raw edge that will be exposed.
  • Edgestitch the double-fold bias tape in place.
  • Finish the same edge on the other small piece with a turned-and-topstitched hem.
  • Lay your pillow pieces how they’ll look when done to determine the button placement. Mark the bottom of where you want the buttonhole with pins or with a marking pencil.
  • Next, install the buttonhole foot on your machine. Slide out the back, and place the button in that back holder. This helps your machine automatically determine the buttonhole length. Before you start, pull down this buttonhole lever behind your presser foot. Make sure it’s all the way down. Now you’re ready!
  • Line up your fabric by placing the buttonhole placement marking underneath your needle. On my machine, stitches 77 to 86 are different buttonhole styles. For this project, I like #80.
  • Press the pedal and sew. Your machine sews the complete buttonhole to the proper length from start to finish. Voila! I’ll just trim my threads.
  • Do the same thing for the other buttonhole.
  • Put a pin through your fabric horizontally right below the upper bar tack. This way you won’t accidentally tear your buttonhole when stitch-ripping it open.
  • Change your presser foot to the adjustable piping foot and line it up as needed before tightening the back screw.
  • Pin your piping onto your large pillow piece 1 cm (1/2″) from the pillow raw edge with the piping tape on the same side as the raw edge of the fabric. Cut into the tape at the corners to allow it to pivot easily. You’re pinning it so that your seam will be. And overlap the ends.
  • Now sew the pillow!
  • Once you’re done, cut the corners.
  • And flip the pillow right-side-out.
  • Then mark your button placement and sew your buttons on by hand.

And here it is, my super cute pillow. No zippers, one-step buttonhole. See? That easy!

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