How To Measure Yourself Properly (Video)

Knowing your basic body measurements will help you choose the right sewing pattern size, an important step in sewing a garment that fits. But how do you measure yourself properly? You need the right tool (a flexible tape measure), plus the right technique.

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Measuring yourself is an important part of sewing. You’ll need your measurements in order to know what size pattern to buy and in order to adjust the pattern to fit your correctly.

There are three main measurements that you’ll need: your bust, your waist, and your hips.

You’re going to take a measuring tape and measure around your bust at the fullest part. Make sure the measuring tape is taut, but not tight, and make sure it’s parallel to the floor.

At your waist, you’re going to measure around the narrowest part, or where you bend from side to side.

And at your hips, you’re going to measure around the fullest part again. Making sure it’s parallel to the floor.

And feel free to get a friend to help you or do it in front of the mirror if you’re not sure.

Once you have your measurements and you’re ready to buy a pattern, you want to take your measurements and then compare them to the pattern company’s sizing chart. They have their own sizing chart that’s very different than the size that you’re use to buying in the store; it might even be four or five times larger than the clothes you’re used to buying, so make sure your referencing their personal sizing chart. And it even changes from company to company, so every time you’re making a new garment, take measurements and compare it to their sizing chart.

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