Holiday Makeover: Mother’s Day (Season 1 Episode 2)

The second episode of Holiday Makeover is airing in two short weeks! This is our Mother’s Day episode, and it features some very special guests… our moms! Alison Westlake, Adjoa Duncan, and I are treating our moms to a very special high tea Mother’s Day celebration, filled with our handmade awesomeness, of course.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Tune in to Makeful, the network that Holiday Makeover airs on. To find your local listing, visit
  2. Follow me, Alison, and Adjoa on Twitter because we’ll be live-Tweeting the episode when it airs on Sunday, April 24th at 7pm.
  3. Use the hashtag #HolidayMakeover and join the conversation! The three of us are also on Facebook and Instagram, so find us wherever you are!

Here’s the full schedule for when the Mother’s Day episode of Holiday Makeover is airing on Makeful:

Sunday, April 24th: 7pm  •••I’ll be live-Tweeting!•••
Tuesday, April 26th: 9am
Thursday, April 28th: 6pm
Wednesday, May 4th: 6pm
Saturday, May 7th: 9am
Sunday, May 8th: 8pm, 11pm
Monday, May 9th: 3am, 11pm
Tuesday, May 10th: 2am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
Thursday, May 12th: 10pm
Friday, May 13th: 1am
Saturday, May 14th: 12pm
Sunday, May 15th: 2pm

Here’s our Mother’s Day commercial…

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics…


Denise Wild:
My mom is extra special.

Adjoa Duncan:
There’s no one else who’s going to be there for you like your mother.

Alison Westlake:
We need to celebrate our moms.

Make this Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember.

I think my mom is really going to love this.

From personalized planters to custom confections, Alison, Adjoa, and Denise will give Mother’s Day a Holiday Makeover – exclusive original series, Sunday, May 8th on Makeful. And inspire all moms by sharing your own Mother’s Day projects at

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